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Seventh Heaven

This is a collection of ideas about a life of faith as it is expressed in Seventh-day Adventism.
It is written for people who know little about Adventism. It is an oblique view of Adventist spirituality coming from unexpected angles. It is anchored in contemporary culture. It is both affectionate and critical since this is how healthy families work.
Seventh Heaven will grow chapter by chapter into a comprehensive but readable introduction to the life of faith as I have come to understand it.

Seventh Heaven: Introduction

While being mainstream in many ways, Seventh-day Adventism comes at Christian faith and practice from a slightly different angle. Similarly, these opinion pieces come at Adventist spirituality from an oblique angle. In this first one, I explain what this project is all about.

Yes, He is Risen but....

Adventists and Easter

No Laughing Matter!

As individuals we sometimes take ourselves too seriously, sometimes not seriously enough. The same is true of the church. Maybe laughing at ourselves is a happy compromise.

Thinking Inside The Box: Part One

The built environment affects in some measure the person we become. So too does church architecture affect the way we think about God.

Thinking Inside The Box: Part Two

This follows on from Part One looking at Adventists and Architecture.


In this piece, I explore how the architecture of Adventist churches may affect how they see God and the fact that Adventists tend to be more interested in time than space.

'Give me a break!'

I, as an Adventist, celebrate the Sabbath as a time of rest, of gathering together to worship and eat, and gently renewing myself in a way which marks it out as special time. I hope that it allows me to live next week slightly differently from last week.

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