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Ciara Grace

There is only one event we can write about this week. At last, the small person christened ‘Little Bean’ by her mother has arrived and we have become grandparents for the third time! Ciara (Gaelic: pron Kiera) Grace arrived on Tuesday 24th as it was about to become Wednesday 25th July. Mother and baby…and father… are doing well. And for the third time, we are enjoying the magic of this experience of seeing our children become parents themselves. Once again, we have enjoyed the surprise of how much you suddenly love this tiny human being who you have known for such a short time. As someone else said, ‘When you become parents, you don’t ever imagine that you can love someone new as much as you love your children – but you do!’

Ciara is a fortunate child. Before her arrival there were so many people ready to welcome her. She will be loved by her parents as well as an extended family and many supportive friends on both sides. The area where she lives has one of the highest life expectancies in Scotland. Not very far from where she lives, some of the children will not have such promising life chances. And may even have a shorter life-expectancy. It’s not fair.

Our other grandchildren have been suggesting this week that ‘it’s not fair’ that they don’t get to see their new cousin as quickly as Granny and Grandpa have. One of the complaints which will inevitably come from Ciara’s lips before too long will be, ‘It’s not fair’. And it’s not! If she is to lead a happy life, one of the lessons she will need to learn slowly is that life is not fair. Justice is often not done. We are all dealt a certain hand and we must play it the best we can. Even as we write this blog, we recognise that there may be some people who read it who have a deep unfulfilled wish to become a parent or a grandparent. We’re sorry if our joy has caused you pain. We wish we could console you and everyone for disappointed hopes. We have them too and know what it is to envy.

But back to Ciara… One of the things we would like her to learn as she grows up is to try to do something for those people whose life circumstances have not been as favourable as hers. We are particularly grateful that she has been born, not only into our family but also into the Watts family - a family with a strong history of social conscience and social action. We have every assurance that they, like us, will encourage her to find joy in investing her life in the lives of those whom she meets.

But all that in due course! For the time being we are just going to feel the joy. She is so small – though she was over 9 lbs! So pink! So warm!

So we’ll be off now – it’s visiting time!

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