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So - the Pearsons have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century! Welcome to Pearsons’ Perspectives! Thank you for taking the trouble to find us.Over the years, we have offered our views on many things – in the classroom, in the counselling room, in the pulpit – from many platforms. Conversations inside and outside classrooms have been valuable learning places for us. We have certainly been taught by more people than we have taught. Those are the sorts of conversations on which we have always thrived! Change in every area of our lives means there is no shortage of things to talk and write about (not that we have ever been short of things to say!)

This website would not have happened without our children – Emma Lowe and Martin Pearson. We have been encouraged to use this new (to us!) space for conversation by their persistent advice and encouragement. They have also offered their professional expertise without which this site simply would not exist. In return, we shall encourage them -and some of you – to broaden the scope of Pearsons’ Perspectives by making contributions from time to time.

We have also been encouraged to take this step by people who say to us ‘you ought to write a book’. But we know from experience that publishing can be a long process. And anyway, many of our thoughts are works in progress, not fully formed…ideal for a blog or website where you can ‘withdraw’ or ‘edit’ as you develop your thinking!

We imagine that as time goes on, we shall be commenting on the state of the world, the life of the church, the desires of our hearts. But Christmas and New Year seemed like a good time to launch because it’s a time for looking back and looking forward. It’s a time for savouring the flavour of the year.

At this time of year, in our family we have a tradition of asking each other questions like: ‘What was your best thing this year?’ and ‘What was the most memorable?’ Of course, you can go on to all sorts of other questions: what were the worst and the most embarrassing or frustrating moments? Who was the most influential person in your life this year? What surprises were there? What disappointments were there? What did you long for? And as you look forward to the New Year, what hopes and dreams are you carrying in your heart – for yourself? For the family? For the wider world? What fears and anxieties? What are the best books you’ve read, films you’ve seen….the list is endless. The resulting conversation often yields ideas and new insights…. The sort of rounded conversation full of ideas and insights – and sometimes both tears and laughter – that we would like to host in this website and blog.

We want to thank you for coming and encourage you to join our conversation. Please give us an answer to one of our ‘end-of-year’ questions (or another you may like to ask and answer!) Do leave a comment to say you’ve visited! You are very welcome.

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